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Sunday 10:00 A.M.

About Us

What a joy it is to introduce you to our church! You’ll discover that our passion is to provide a place where people just like you can have a life-changing experience with Jesus.

At Church of Grace, our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. Our goal is to help everyone 1) Know God 2) Find Freedom 3) Discover Purpose and 4) Make a Difference. We accomplish this through our Sunday Services, Small Groups, Growth Track, and Team Grace.

What To Expect

Our Beliefs | The Short Answer

There is one God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Everything was created by God (including man).

The first man; Adam, along with his wife Eve, sinned and brought sin in the world resulting in separation between God and man.

God the Father sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross to redeem fallen man.

God the Father resurrected Jesus on the third day after His death, making Jesus King, the first-born from the dead, and savior.

Everyone now has an opportunity to be saved by having faith in the work of Jesus. Man is saved by grace, not by works.

Jesus is the head of the church, which is made up of people worldwide who have accepted by faith the saving work of Jesus Christ.

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to build, help, and guide the church.

The Holy Spirit still manifests His nine gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12.

Jesus is coming soon to consummate the Kingdom and renew creation.

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Our Leadership Team


Lead Pastor Josh and Angela Lotzenhiser

Pastor Josh and Angela married in 2011 and have 3 beautiful daughters. Pastor Josh began in ministry as a missionary, serving in Thailand, Burma, and Pakistan from 2006 - 2008 and there God developed his heart for world missions and outreach. They both have a passion for telling the world about Jesus with humility and love which has led them to helping plant a church in Chicago, IL; Orange, CA and now serve as lead pastors of Church of Grace in Yorba Linda.

In 2018, while pastoring their small church in Orange, CA, Pastor Josh began reaching out to local pastors to network and develop relationships. One of those pastors was Tom Barkey. After spending time together and developing a friendship, Pastor Tom was led of the Lord to invite Josh and Angela to merge with Church of Grace, be mentored, and over time, take over leadership of Church of Grace. That was fulfilled, February 27th, 2022.

Pastor Josh and Angela have big vision for this church and all that God desires us to do together.

Founding Pastors Tom and Suzette Barkey

Pastor Tom and Suzette have faithfully served Church of Grace as lead pastors for over 25 years together. Pastor Tom has been teaching about the Grace of God for many years and has helped so many discover the true Gospel.

Founding Pastors
Tom and Suzette Barkey


Alyssa Tanner

Grace Kids Director

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Pastor Randy Collins

Associate Pastor

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Pastor Doug Pickard

Executive Pastor

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Hector Baca

Media Director

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