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Growth Track - Learn what you were made for! Growth Track is our three step process to introducing you to our church, leadership team, and especially the gifts God has placed in you.

Team Grace - There is nothing more fulfilling than serving our brothers and sisters in Christ with the gifts God has given us. Our goal is never to simply fill a need but to empower you to fulfill what God has called you to do.

BOLD - Want to learn more about the Christian faith? BOLD is our online discipleship program, filled with foundational truths and teaching about what we believe as Christians.

Water Baptism - One of the sacraments Jesus left His church is water baptism. It is symbolic of what took place when you placed your faith in Christ: death to the old man and rising to new life in Christ. We believe it is an essential element to our walk with God and encourage everyone to be water baptized.

Small Groups - We were designed to do life together. Healing and growth are not done in isolation but done in community. Join a small group to have fun, learn, and most importantly, meet others that will encourage and build your life on Christ.