Current Series

Get Out of God's Way

Why do we tend to get in the way of God's plans? We all want to be the best we can be, but how do we implement positive change? In this four part series, Pastor Tom Barkey teaches how to "Get Out of God's Way" and let Him take the lead.

Life Without Limits

What if you could live your Christian life without limits? In this six-part series entitled “Life Without Limits”, Pastor Tom Barkey explains how your inner person works and how to understand living without limits God’s way.


Pastor Randy Collins

Join us in hearing our Care Pastor, Pastor Randy Collins share a word from the Lord.

Surviving the Storms of Life

A seven part series by Pastor Tom Barkey on learning how to survive the STORMS OF LIFE... God's way. Topics include: Building Your House,  Understanding Authority, The Tablet of Your Heart, Living from Your Heart, Writing on Your Heart, and Understanding Your Emotions,

Above and Beyond

It's time that you started to live above and beyond your own abilities.